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Friday, April 29, 2011

Backtrack SEO

You Can Now Achieve High Search Engine Rankings for Hundreds, Even Thousands Of Keywords With The Easiest, Most Simplified SEO Tactics Ever Released! "This is the most important SEO course to come out in years!"

* It's official! Put away those geeky ebooks and courses on SEO.
* Drop the slide rule and throw away your pocket protector!
* The Web's only mountain lion-tracking-search-engine-optimization-specialist has come out with the simplest, most effective SEO training the Web has ever seen!

You Don't Need:

* To become a professional SEO just to get your sites ranked.
* To spend a ton of time doing SEO the traditional ways.
* To stop everything else to spend weeks or even months learning way more than you have to.
* A ton of technical experience. In fact, you don't need any at all!

You DO Need:

* To save time and get search results like the pros do without being an SEO geek or having to hire one.
* To have the time to be able to focus on content, other marketing tactics, and taking care of your business and customers.
* To know exactly how you can assess a page on your site for exactly what it needs to rank and then get it ranked.
* To know that thousands of people who have had no experience getting ranked in the engines have lucked into it. What you're going to learn with Backtrack SEO is going to prevent you having to count on luck.
* To know what Google, the gorrilla in the SEO room, really wants and exactly how to give it to them every time you put up content.

Who Can You Trust 100% To Give You The Know-How To Rank?

You do have a handful of SEO experts who are willing to spill the beans on what they know. The problem is, many of the experts are parroting whatever Matt Cutts from Google says or, even worse, telling us to do things that will get us banned from the engines.

Some SEO information on the web, especially in forums and on some blogs, is put there specifically to throw people off the scent of what really works. Yes, there are anti-SEO "experts" out there filling the web with outdated tactics that don't work specifically to get more business by keeping what really works a secret. (If they know the real secret in the first place.)

I've been operating since 1998 (full time since 2002) as an SEO expert who doesn't settle, cut corners, or sacrifice quality for a quick buck. Google is my resume. Just search on my name to find out everything you need to know about me and what I've been up to for the last decade.
PROOF: What kind of rankings do I enjoy?

Video 1

* Introduction
* Philosophy that Guides BTSEO
* Universal Keyword List
* What All Popular Sites Have in Common
* Getting 100's to 1000's of Keyword Rankings
* Traditional SEO vs. Backtrack SEO

Video 2

* The Basics of Ranking
* Foundation Content
* Lists
* Keystone Content
* Link Bait
* Tools, Freebies
* Wordpress Setup
* Plugins
* Latest Ping List

Video 3

* The Easiest, Fastest SEO
* Reverse Optimization

Video 4

* Case Studies!
* Live Results and How It's Done on Real Content
* Takeaways from Backtrack SEO

The Backtrack SEO Guide
* Pie Theory
* Dirty SEO
* Definitions
* Plugins
* SEO Content
* Steps for Every New Post
* Reverse Optimization Checklist
* Link Building Checklist


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