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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Daily Decrypt intro HOW TO DECRYPT

Daily Decrypt intoduction and how to decrypt to be able to play
Let's start

Okay now I know you've seen people posting a program such as a RAT or KEYLOGGER and have left you the encryption pattern they used. So how do we decrypt it first let me give you one before we start.


MGAN-35 > HAZZ-15 > TRIPO-5



 Now how are going to go about decrypting this. You have the choice of doing it online or if you want the program comment me with your email or just email me at

Now before we go online to crack it there is a basic rule you always have to follow in order to decrypt it. What is that rule you might say. Okay look at my encryption method now thats how I encrypted it now in order to decrypt it you have to go backwards decrypting TRIPO-5 first and so on. 

Now lets decrypt it go to crypo and scroll down to Decrypt online message.

The order of the decryption is TRIPO-5 > HAZZ-15 > MEGAN-35.
So click on TRIPO-5 and paste the encryption to decrypt it and copy the output and put in  HAZZ-15 thenMEGAN-35.

I you do it correctly you should get something like this.

That's it for the tutorial.

Here is a encrytion for you guys to decrypt this is going to be an easy one for you.

Remember the basics of decrypting still applies.

1.The encrytion method is in the riddle below.
Megaman walked through a hazzy cloud.

2.The encrytion is below.

 Happy decrypting.

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