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Monday, April 25, 2011

Internet and network Commands


command to show if a network cable is plugged in e.a
ftpUsed to establish a connection with a specified host using the File Transfer Protocol.
ifconfigDisplays/establishes information about the network interfaces.
ifupBring up network interface.
ifdownBring up network interface.
iptrafInteractive IP LAN monitor
iwconfigDisplays/establishes information about the wireless interfaces.
ipUsed to manage IP network interfaces.
lsofCommand to show what processes are making use of a port e.a.
nmapCommand to show which ports are open e.a.
netstatDisplays information about the Linux networking subsystem.
nslookupLooks up the numerical IP address of the specified host.
pingSends a packet to a designated address and waits for a response.
routeConfigure IP4 routing
scpCopy files over the network.
showmountDisplays the Network Filesystem mounts available.
smbclientLaunches an interactive samba utility which resembles ftp.
smbmountMounts a remote Samba service at the specified mount point.
smbumountUnmounts the specified Samba mount point.
sshControl a remote computer over the network.
telnetOpens a terminal window on the remote host and starts an interactive session.
traceroutePrints the route that packets take to network host
wvdialInitiates a PPP dial-up connection.

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