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Thursday, May 26, 2011

5 Useful Tips To Protect Your Software

Do you want to protect your software? This is one of the biggest problems of the people especially to the software owners. The modern worlds of technology nowadays have become more prone to the world of piracy. There are many computer hackers that are trying to access your computer privacy. They can even pirate your computer software. You might not notice that someone is enjoying the benefit of your created software. Do you want to secure the Copyright protection of your software? Consider reading this article.
Software owners need not to worry about the protection of their created software. According to the law known as the Copyright Design and Patents Act 1988, your created software is protected by the law. That means, if you are the legal owner of the software nobody is allowed to use it without your permission. The copyright protection will end only if the owners have died or it depends on some cases. Just one thing is for sure, it is protected by the law.However, there are some people who are very expert in pirating some things. Observe your surroundings; there are some things that are products of piracy. Pirates are able to pirate your created software.
These are the top 5 tips to protect your software:
·      Copyright notices
Do not forget to use the copyright notices of your software. You must include it in all products that are related to your software. This will tell the people who really is the owner of the software and that is you. This will avoid other pirates to broadcast that they are the real owner of the software. The copyright notices looks like this “Copyright © 2008 – 20010 your company name . All Rights Reserved”. This will include the year of the creation started and it was completed.
·      Ghost code
There are codes needed to secure your software. You can also use the ghost codes. These are some irrelevant codes at the interval of the source code. This could be used to provide more security to your software from any other copier.
·      Source code
Do not provide the source code to all your customers. This will secure your creation from piracy. You can ship only codes that are not readable by human. You can use any other object or anything but avoid shifting the source code.
·      NCC Escrow
You can also use the help of a third party organization like the NCC Escrow.
Third party organization is very helpful to provide privacy for your software. They will have their own independent record of your software’s copyright notice and any other legality. This will avoid any other claimants from claiming of your software.
·      License your software
This is the most important part to secure your software from any piracy. Do not forget to secure license on your software. This will make you as the legal owner of your creation and will avoid people from copying it without your consent.
These are top five tips that will guarantee the privacy and security for your created software from any piracy.

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