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Sunday, May 15, 2011


English | 512x288 | H264 | 30fps 71kbps | AAC 141kbps | 263MB
Genre: Video Traning /eLearning

This is a brand new course by Daniel Tan and Phil Benham.
It's basically just showing you how to use iframes on facebook and they show you how to create them.
Nothing on driving traffic or making a gazillion dollars, but still this is a pretty good course especially if you want to use facebook for marketing and what not...

Included are the following:
FACEBOOK 2011 MAXED includes:
A built-in, customizable system for creating your own REVEAL SPLASH page. When a user who has not liked your page yet, they will see this content. There is no way around it like there was previously with FBML. We show you how to include anything you want to for the REVEAL SPLASH, even video and lead capture opt-ins! You won’t be restricted to simply showing an image. Heck, with the FACEBOOK 2011 MAXED system, you can show a full website to users who have not “liked” your page and a completely different website to those who have “liked” your page…

Oh, did we say COMPLETE WEBSITE? That’s right, folks. With the new capabilities built into our iframes system, you can post a complete, full-fledged website right into your Facebook page. Important Note: In order to use iframes for your Facebook Pages, you must have your pages hosted with your own webhost. We assume that you have a website hosted on a server with a hosting company. Whatever you can do with a website, now you can do on your Facebook Page! We are giving three solid, customizable templates with this system; and we’ll show you what you need to do if you want to build your own. …Opt-ins? Done. PHP email contact forms? Done. HTML5 Video? Done. Photo galleries? Done. Anything else you can do with HTML5? Done. Want to change the background colors? Go for it with a simple text editor and ftp program.

Do you think we’d leave out the BIG NEXT THING? Nope. All three of the templates we give you are built on a rock-solid HTML5 framework; which means that not only will you be ahead of the curve on Facebook, you will be FUTURE PROOF with HTML5 websites on the entire web…(BONUS: They double as mobile websites and have been tested on popular devices like the Android, Blackberry, iPhone and iPad!)

No restrictions to how “tall” a page can be. We’ve included code that bypasses the Facebook limitations on iframes only being 800 pixels tall. You can change the height of your webpage, but we’ve built in 3000 pixels of website goodness! Plus, they do not have scrollbars on the side. You’re simply building right into Facebook!

Really, now? Yep, you can have the functionality of a full website complete with multiple pages for services or a blog, videos explaining your products, links to other websites, calls-to-action, sales pages, landing pages…the whole nine! Right on the largest trafficked web property in the world…and it’s only growing larger.

We’ve saved the best for last, though. For all the buyers of this system, we will be holding webinars every few days to walk everyone through setting your page up. There will be question and answer sessions at the end of the webinars to ensure everyone gets an answer to their questions. We’ll also be recording these and posting them as downloadable videos so you can revisit them in case you missed something. We will also provide email support for the occasional question or concern. With the FACEBOOK 2011 MAXED system, you will have the Facebook Page you want! Plus, if you market your services to businesses, you can build and customize as many as you like.



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