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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Facebook Tutorials - 2000 Fans In 27 Days

Facebook Tutorials - 2000 Fans In 27 Days | English | 1.81 GB

Getting your advertising message out there is one heck of a task...
You have to deal with all sorts of things...
...tons of competition blindness from people who are used to seeing ads just like yours
...and marketers who simply have bigger, better reputations than you...
Thats not even a fraction of it...
This course includes:

Day 1 Introduction to the Next 27 Days
Day 2 Know Your Market
Day 3 Leverage Get to Know the Big Boys!
Day 4 Content, Content, Content
Day 5 Its Time for a Good Discussion!
Day 6 Lets Engage Fans with Promotions!
Day Off
Day 7 Using Groups & Pages to Grow Your Fans
Day 8 An Overview of the New Groups Feature
Day 9 Using Questions to Engage Fans
Day 10 How to Use Notes
Day 11 How to Use Notes Part 2
Day 12 A Very Cool Application
Day Off
Day 13 Raise Your Profile With Webinars!
Day 14 Raise Your Profile With Webinars Part 2
Day 15 The Live Webinar!
Day 16 An Introduction to Facebook Ads!
Day 17 Create a Facebook Ad
Day 18 How to Make Your Facebook Ads Pay for Themselves
Day Off
Day 19 The Power of Video!
Day 20 Creating Videos!
Day 21 Re Purposing Content and Adding FB Comments to a blog
Day 22 Adding a Like Box / Button to a Blog or Webpage
Day 23 The Power of Forum Marketing!
Day 24 Leveraging Articles!
Day Off
Day 25 Solo Ads and Fan Page Swaps!
Day 26 Growing Fans Using and more...!
Day 27 Edgerank The Search Engine Optimization of Facebook!
Day Off
Bonus Day 28 Webinar A Load of Very Cool Tips and Apps to Promote Your Fan Page Bonus
Day 29 Testing and Measuring Bonus
Day 30 Your Future Marketing Strategy

DOWNLOAD Fans in 27 Days.part1.rar Fans in 27 Days.part2.rar Fans in 27 Days.part3.rar Fans in 27 Days.part4.rar Fans in 27 Days.part5.rar Fans in 27 Days.part1.rar Fans in 27 Days.part2.rar Fans in 27 Days.part3.rar Fans in 27 Days.part4.rar Fans in 27 Days.part5.rar

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