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Monday, May 30, 2011

Hack through Yahoo !!! Tro messenger! This page is a highlighted

Tro Messenger
(A Trojan horse-based remote Messenger)

Note: The intention is not training u how to hack, but u get to know all the possibilities around
and therefore protect him how to protect yourself!

Overview of Program

This Trojan is a remote control remote computers through Messenger.
For this program, you can control the remote PC by sending PM to a specified Messenger robot defined in the program settings.
That's how you're talking to the remote computer to do a specified job.

How it works?
This is the workflow of the program:

0) will Start.
1) resides in memory.
2) Waits for an Internet connection.
3) When Internet Connection Activated, attempts to connect to the session ID of the robot.
4) Sends an Offline Message to Admin, when he made a successful
5) Now you can control the remote PC by sending PM to your robot.

Minimum system requirements:

1) Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 operating system. This program is not supported on Windows 2000, Windows 1998 and earlier, and Linux based systems.
2) 128 MB of RAM (256MB RAM recommended)
3) 700Mhz CPU.
4) 8MB Graphic Card Memory.
5) Enough free disk space on your Windows drive. (To save the image files and downloaded files)
This program works on any Internet connection. Eg: dialup, DSL, Wireless, Broadband, Satellite LAN and ...
This program works with dial-up too. But since this program connects to servers Messenger for the login ID of the robot, a live Internet connection program can help you work better.

Special Abilities

No need for IP address! This is the largest mainline capacity of this program.In other trojans you must have IP address of the remote PC you are trying to control it. But this program works without IP address.
Question - How a trojan can work without IP address?
Answer - Because this program offers a Yahoo! ID that acts as a robot for you, then you need not know the IP address of remote PC. While the IP address will be sent to you when your computer is online. But that's just for more information on the remote PC.

Works on Behind Router and LAN computers behind. The major problem of other trojans, such as Troya, is that they only work on IP-based systems. ie, your target PC must have a valid IP address for you. For example: if a network with 5 PCs and you are a member of this network, you can connect to these computers. but someone from outside the network can not connect to computers on that network. Because he has no valid IP address for your computer network. But this problem is resolved in TroMessenger.
By TroMessenger, you can connect to any computer network. Only it must be connected to the internet and server TroMessenger run on the computers.


In this version, there are few basis for controlling the remote PC.

Result: The result of executing a command is sent immediately after finishing the job. But if the text returned from a command was too long (more than ... characters), it will be sent in some pieces, sequentially. This is because the Messenger does not accept Text with the length more than a specified number of characters.

/ Cmd - This is exactly like MS-DOS Command Prompt. You can run DOS commands on the remote PC and see the result. Commands like: DIR, VER, VOL, ipconfig, netstat, and WHOAMI ... most useful DOS commands.
Example: dir / cmd C: \ *. txt

Running DOS commands
You can execute some specific MS-DOS commands for more information on the target computer.

Special Note: In version 1.2 you can run DOS commands without providing / cmd.

/ Dir cmd - To obtain and file listing of the folder. You can use switches and parameters to get your specific result.

Cmd / ipconfig - Get Network Information. This command is to obtain information about network adapters that exists on the PC. It retrieves the name of the network adapter, IP address, Gateway, DNS Server, and ... etc.

/ Cmd tasklist - Gets list of running processes. But in DOS mode.

/ Cmd Whoami - Tells you how the target PC is defined in the network. The Info returned: Domain / Workgroup Name, Computer Name and Windows UserName. Note: This command works only on Windows Server 2003. is not supported on Windows XP.

/ Cmd netstat - Displays all Network and Internet assets on the PC. To get the answer quickly, use / cmd netstat-na

Getting information from your computer:
By using the following commands, you can get general information about the target computer.

/ IP - Tells you the IP address of remote PC. Note that a computer can have more than one IP address associated with it. For example, you have a dialup account to connect to the Internet and your computer is already connected to a local area network (LAN). then you have two IP addresses defined on your PC. TroMessenger will send all IP addresses available on the PC.

/ OSName - tells the full version of Windows and Service Pack Name. For Example: Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1.

/ Computername: tells the computer name set in the network. Other estimates that the network will know that computer by that name. If your computer is not connected to the network, no matter. the name will be sent.

/ Winusername: tells you the name of the Windows account currently logged in. Note that on Windows XP, maybe more than one user exists on the computer. And this parameter can vary at any time enter into users.
But in Windows Server 2003 this name is always returned as Administrator.Nevertheless the Admin has already defined some other user names. but administrators generally do not.

/ Yahooid - Indicates the ID of Yahoo last person who used Messenger on the remote PC.

Main Program Abilities

/ Help - Displays the list of commands available in this version of TroMessenger. maybe news commands be added in later versions. so you will know them by using this command.

/ Screen - displays a screen of remote PC.
Question - Messenger Yahoo is a Text-Based program, but as TroMessenger can show me a picture?
Answer - TroMessenger shows the image indirectly. that means: it takes the image and sends it to the host, and gives you the link to the picture taken.

/ Download - Downloads a file from web and saves the location specified in the Remote PC. You will be notified by end of the download.
Syntax: "" download "C: \"
. Note: You must use quotes (") If you forgot to put quotes, download will not work.

/ Run - Executes a file on the remote PC. The file must already exist.

/ Restart - Restart Windows on the remote PC.
Warning: If you test it on your PC, you will be restarted without any question or confirmation. and any changes in their programs will be lost. very careful about using this command. also the shutdown command.

/ Shutdown - shuts down the remote PC. (The warning repeated)

/ Time / date - Shows the DateTime.

/ Ejectcd - Ejects the CD-ROM.

/ Closecd - Close the door of the CD-ROM Drive after ejection.

/ View - to view the content of text files. Note: If the text is more than ... bytes will be divided to several pieces and they will be sent one after one.

/ Getfile - uploads a specified file to host and give the link. This is used for downloading binary (non-text) from a remote PC.

Status / / idle / busy - Sets the message status of the robot to what you want.Plus using Busy and Idle Icons beside ID.
Example syntax:
Status / Now I'm ready.
/ Idle'm far from PC.
Busy busy today.

/ Cancel - Cancels the current job execution. For example, you decided to read a text file 1MB. and the text is being sent to you piece by piece, but suddenly you decide to cancel and not send the remaining parts of the text. Just use a / cancel command.

Login / - To log non-administrator users. Whenever you start TroMessenger, if you are not the predefined Admin of Robot, but you know the password, you must use login / password to begin using the program. Do not use quotes for your password.

New features in version 1.2

/ Adduser - Adds a user to user list Admin. In the previous version, a robot can have only one TroMessenger administrator. In this version, using adduser command you can add multiple administrators to your robot. it means they do not have to type a password to use Robot.

/ DeleteUser - Deletes a user admin user list. If you want a user no longer has access to your robot, you can simply remove it from the list of Admin users, using the command / deleteuser.

Auto executing DOS commands. Now you can execute commands from the DOS prompt, without using command / cmd. You should only submit a slash / before each command of DOS. Example:

/ Dir cmd ==> / dir

/ Cmd ipconfig ==> / ipconfig

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