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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hack Training Video Course

Hack Training Video Course | English | ISO | 2CDs | 1GB

CD1 Content 

Session 1 

# Understand the Purpose of the Course and the Phases of Hacking
# Acquire the Hardware and Software for Your Laboratory
# Build the Windows 2000/XP Hacker Tool Analysis Laboratory
# Build the Linux Hacker Tool Analysis Laboratory
# Test Your Laboratory and Keep It Secure

Session 2
# Understand Low-Tech and Computer-Based Reconnaissance
# Use Sam Spade to Gather Information About Target
# Search the Web for Interesting Target Information 

Session 3 

# Understand Scanning Techniques
# Search for Modems Using THC-Scan
# Develop a Network Map Using Cheops-ng
# Conduct a Port Scan Using Nmap
# Scan for Vulnerabilities Using Nessus
CD2 Content 

Session 4
# Analyze Buffer Overflows
# Crack Passwords on Windows and Linux
# Sniff Data from the Network Using Sniffit
# Use Netcat, the Swiss Army Knife of Hacker Tools 

Session 5
# Analyze an Application-Level Trojan Horse Backdoor (VNC)
# Analyze a Traditional RootKit (LRK4)
# Analyze a Kernel-Level RootKit (Kernel Intrusion System) 

Session 6
# Understand File Hiding in Windows
# Understand File Hiding in UNIX
# Analyze Protocol Tunneling Using Reverse WWW Shell
# Analyze Covert Channels Using Covert-TCP


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