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Sunday, May 29, 2011

How To Crash Small Websites- Tutorial

So your friend or your enemy has made a little shitty website for whatever maybe a private server or anything And your feeling devious and want to crash it.ok after this tutorial go for it.
Port Scanner >>> Download
rDos >>> Download
>>HotSpotSheild Proxy!<< ( You can use other Proxy to Hide your IP)
Step One: First we need to find the websites IP Adress. This is very easy to do.
Assume the URL is .
Now Open your  Cmd by  press Start>Run>cmd .After  opened cmd  type  ping then  press enter and you will get the ip of the victims website. (YOU MUST REMOVE HTTP:// AND ANY /’s)
2w68nys2 300x151  How To Crash Small Websites  Tutorial
Step Two: Now you must test to see  port 80 is opened or not (usually it is opened).
This is very easy process. Open the port scanner that you have been downloaded .
In port scanner type your Victims ip that you got from step 1.
It will ask you to do a range scan or a full scan (SELECT RANGE  SCAN!) then It will ask for conformation you have to use a capital Y or a capital N! Now enter 79 for lowest port and 81 for highest hit enter than hit cap Y.
[X] = Closed
[X] Vulnerable = Open
23u67h1 300x151  How To Crash Small Websites  Tutorial
Step Three: ALMOST DONE:
The final and easiest step (IF PORT 80 IS CLOSED PICK A NEW SITE!)
If port 80 is opened then you are on the way of crashing!!
Now open your  rDos that you  have downloaded.
Enter your victims ip that you got from step 1.
It will ask you for the port to attack use port 80 that’s why we scanned to make sure that 80 was open! If it is closed it will not work.
Hit enter.. *=Flooding -=Crashed Or didn’t connect!
bhzlp0 300x151  How To Crash Small Websites  Tutorial
Thats it !!!

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