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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How to hack Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter, Skype, Hotmail, Youtube Accounts

Hello in this guide I'm going to explain how you can know another person's password for ANY account he has! This guide is working and not a scam but its for educational purposes only!

Step 1 - Download Accuracy keylogger DOWNLOAD

Step 2 - Extract the files into a folder using WinRAR

Step 3 - Open accuracy logger

Step 4 - Type your own E-Mail's Username. Why is this needed? the program will email the key logs to your own mail by your own mail.

Step 5 - Type your own E-Mail's Password. Why is this needed? the site will need the password. don't worry no one can find out your password.

Step 6 - Type the smtp of your own e-mail. for smtp info on mailing services :
SMTP ports
Yahoo: Port: 25

Gmail: Port: 587

AOL: Port: 587 or 25

AIM: Port: 587

MSN: Port: 25 or 587

For example if your account is you will need to use:
For the port use the ones in the smtp thread. For example if your account is your port will be 587.

Step 7 - Type in your interval which is the amount of minutes the program will e-mail you the typed keys on another computer.

Step 8 - Type in your keylogger server's name and extensions. 

Step 9 - Tick Anti's for anti-sandboxie and blockers. 

Firefox stealer for also mailing EVERY saved website, username and password!

USB Spread to copy itself to any USB memory stick on the computer and autorun itself.

Add to startup for making the program start automatically after every time you turn on your computer.

Step 10 - Click the Test Mail button. if you get a error then something wrong. maybe you entered SMTP settings wrong. if not and you receive a test mail in your inbox then its working.

Step 11 - Click the Build button. you will see a new window opened with the name and extension you chose. Warning: Don't open that!

Step 12 - For making the person open it and lose suspicion or make antiviruses detect it less there are some inbuilt tools in accuracy keylogger to do that. First is the icon changer. it can change any file's icon to a selected icon. To start click the Icon changer button located on the right.

Step 13 - Select your builded server in the same folder as accuracy logger is.

Step 14 - Select an icon from your computer.

Step 15 - Click the Change button to change the icon of your server.

Step 16 - Now we are going to edit the file's assembly. what is assembly? right click on any file and go to its Properties.Then go to the Version tab. those you see are called a file's assembly. Now once your done with the icon click the Assembly Editor button to proceed.

Step 17 - Select the server that you builded.

Step 18 - Type in the assembly you want. of course you can use the ones i typed.

Step 19 - Click the Change Assembly button.

Step 20 - Now there is a function called pumping. its increasing size of ANY file by any amount! you can change a file's size from 1 MB to 1 GB! This will cause less suspicion and less Anti-Virus detection. For using the pumper click the File Pumper tab.

Step 21 - Now select your server.

Step 22 - Select the amount to pump in the size that you want.

Step 23 - Click the Pump button.

Step 24 - Now your server is complete and less detected by Anti-Viruses so you can send it to your victim!

Step 25 - All you need to do is upload accuracyserver.exe or the name of your server to a free online file hosting service like:
and give the link to anyone you want to hack. when they open it you will have ALL the keystrokes they type sended to you by E-Mail.

1 comment:

  1. hiiiiiiiiii, i want to know how we can know about facebook user id when user does not show his id in contact information..........????????



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