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Sunday, May 29, 2011

How to hack Myspace account password using Myspace Hacking software

Note: The security article is meant for educational purpose only and intended to make you aware about how Myspace is hacked using Phishing. I am not responsible for any harm done to anyone.

The above site is not official, but a Myspace phisher ready to steal your myspace password and thus hack myspace account.

How to hack Myspace account password?

In Myspace Phishing, we have to create a fake login page (popularly called Phisher) which is just similar to official website. The only difference is whenever the victim tries to login to his/her myspace account using our phisher, his Email and password are saved in a text file and we can easily hack myspace account using this obtained password.

1. Download Phisher Creator software to hack myspace account password.
2. Run AutoPhish on your computer (tested on Windows XP and windows Vista) to see:

3. Now, enter in URL field. Hit on Browse and select the path where you want to save your Myspace Phisher.
4. Once you’ve completed step 3, hit on “Create Phisher” and Myspace Phisher will be saved at desired location. Thus, half of the work is done.
5. Now, simply upload this Myspace Phisher files to any free webhost like and send the uploaded “index.htm” link to your victim.
6. You can use any Anonymous Mailer to send the index.htm link and ask the victim to login to his account using your sent phisher link. Once, the victim logs in to his account using your Myspace phisher, a file named “passes.txt” will be created in your file manager of Refresh the page if file doesn’t appear.

7. The file passes.txt will contain hacked myspace password as:

Now you have got the victim myspace account password and can easily hack myspace account of the victim.
So friends, I hope now you are well approached with how to hack myspace account password using Myspace hacking software. I have tried to keep this tutorial as simple as possible.

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  1. Thanks for the valuable information. Even I found one more article useful in hacking myspace over here:
    How to hack Myspace account.
    I guess this will be helpful for all over here.



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