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Thursday, May 26, 2011

[How-to] use a single Gmail account and have multiple email addresses with it

I’m a huge fan of Google’s online applications GMail, Google Reader,orkut, etc. Now You can use single Gmail account with multiple email addresses pointing to single email address. So you can utilize more than one email addresses associated with single Gmail address using dissimilar aliases.
Here is the procedure that explains you how to do it:
Let us assume your Gmail address is :
You can use this email address with the following combinations : etc.,
How this is possible?
Google allows only one registration for any username. When you register a user name, any addition of dot with this username is unavailable for other user to register. Thus adding or removing dots from any Gmail address will not change the destination address. Google do not differentiate between your username with dots and without dots. All id`s will be treated as a single email address.
Say if you register Gmail account as then no other user can create same Gmail address with same username with same username with any addition of dot like will become unavailable for others to register.
More over you can use ['+'] sign to add variation to your email address. Anything after + will be dismissed while sending eamil to destination address.
If message sent to email address with yourwebsite domain name as: and this will be delivered to

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