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Friday, May 27, 2011

Keyboard Shortcuts in Gmail

Lista-de-atajos-de-teclas-para-GmailWe all like to use the keyboardinstead of mouse, as it is quicker to start, comfortable, and gives us some power the know use. For this reason we always try to learn as much as possible as many as possible, the keyboard shortcuts: our OS, Internet Browser, and frequently used programs.
But when it comes to Web sites, is where we must be constantly using the mouse, and occasionally the keys like TAB, are very helpful.
Today we'll talk about Gmail , which for those who did not know, allows us to use the keyboard to streamline operations within your browser.
Then leave the list of most common key combinations for Gmail , so we can learn the more we use them.
Key CombinationsDefinitionAction (That's what it does)

cDraftCompose a new message.
/SearchPlace the cursor in the search box.
nNext MessageMove the cursor to the next message. You can pressEnter to show or hide a message (only applicable to the conversation view.)
eArchiveArchive your conversation from any view.
sStressAdd a star to a message or conversation, or deleted.Stars allow you to grant special status to a message or conversation.
+Flag as importantGmail helps to know what you think is important to mark the messages that were incorrectly classified (specific to "Priority").
-Flag as not importantGmail helps to know what is important to consider not checking the messages that were incorrectly classified (specific to "Priority").
!Flag as spamMarks a message as spam and deleted from the list of conversations.
rReplyResponds to the message sender. Shift + r allows you to respond to a message in a new window (only applies to the conversation view.)
toReply AllReplies to all message recipients. Shift + a allows you to reply to all message recipients in a new window (only applies to the conversation view.)
fForwardForward a message. Shift + f allows you to forward a message in a new window (only applies to the conversation view).
EscLeave the entry fieldRemoves the cursor from the current input field.
Ctrl + sSave DraftSaves the current text as a draft when composing a message. Hold down the Ctrl key while pressing the s and make sure the cursor is in a text field (either in the drafting panel or any of the "To:, Cc:, Bcc: "and" Subject ") when using this shortcut.
# DeleteMoves the conversation to Trash.
l TagOpen the menu "tags" to label a conversation.
v MoveMoves the conversation from your inbox to a different label such as "Spam" or "Trash".
Shift + iMark ReadMark the message as read and go to the next message.
Shift + uMark unreadMark the message as unread so you can return to it later.
zUndoUndo the previous action if possible (works for actions with a link "Undo").
qGo to the search boxMove the cursor directly to the chat search box.
andDelete the current view *Deletes the message or conversation from your current view.
From the Inbox, 'y' meansArchive .
From Star, "and" means no stress .
From Trash, 'y' means Move to inbox .
From any label, 'y' meansRemove the label .
* And does nothing if you're in Spam, Sent, or All.
.Show more sharesDisplays the drop-down "More Actions."
kMoving contact 
Move the cursor up in the list of contacts.
jMoving contact 
Move the cursor down the list of contacts.
uBack to view the contact listRefresh the page and takes you back to the contact list.
eDelete the current groupDeletes the selected contact group in which they appear today.
xSelect ContactMark and select a contact to be able to change their group membership or choose an action from the dropdown menu and apply it to the contact.
EscLeave the entry fieldRemoves the cursor from the current input field.
#DeleteDeletes a contact permanently.
zUndoUndo the previous action if possible (works for actions with a link "Undo").
.Show more sharesOpen the drop-down "More Actions."

If you want the whole list, or better yet know what works in each case, it is not the same thing from within a message, from the mailing list, for that we press the button "?" , and then we will see a mini window with all the key combinations that work at that time in our mail Gmail .
atajos de teclado-gmail
You know the next time they enter their email, not use the mouse! Risa

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