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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ultimate Remote Administration Tool (RAT) Collection

RATS-Total 108


CyberGate v1.00.0
CyberGate v1.00.1
CyberGate v1.01.7
CyberGate v1.01.8
CyberGate v1.02.0
CyberGate v1.03.0
Cybergate v1.03.0 (-_€hårly±X Version_-) Cracked by €hårly±X 
CyberGate v1.04.8
CyberGate v1.05.1 Cracked by h3llb0y (only the client is cracked not server so not realy usefull, but leaving it here for people willing to try and crack the server)


Spy-Net v0.7
Spy-Net v0.8
Spy-Net v0.9.2
Spy-Net v1.0
Spy-Net v1.7
Spy-Net v1.8
Spy-Net v2.0.1
Spy-Net v2.0.4
Spy-Net v2.1
Spy-Net v2.3
Spy-Net v2.5
Spy-Net v2.6
Spy-Net v2.7 Beta 2


DarkComet 2.0 Beta 2
DarkComet 2.0 Beta 3
DarkComet 2.0 Beta 6
DarkComet 2.0 Final
DarkComet 2.0 Final RC1
DarkComet 2.0 Final RC2
DarkComet 2.0 Final RC4
DarkComet 2.0 Final RC5
DarkComet 2.0 Final RC6
DarkComet 2.0 Final RC6 [Bugfix]

Schwarze Sonne

Schwarze Sonne 0.1 Beta
Schwarze Sonne 0.1 Beta 2
Schwarze Sonne 0.1 Final
Schwarze Sonne 0.2 Beta
Schwarze Sonne 0.2 Final
Schwarze Sonne 0.3 Beta
Schwarze Sonne 0.4 Final [Bugfix]
Schwarze Sonne 0.5 Beta
Schwarze Sonne 0.5 Final
Schwarze Sonne 0.6 Beta
Schwarze Sonne 0.6 Final [Bugfix]
Schwarze Sonne 0.7
Schwarze Sonne 0.8
Schwarze Sonne 0.8.1 [Bugfix]
Schwarze Sonne 0.9

Lost Door

Lost Door v2.2 Stable Public edition
Lost Door v3.0 Beta
Lost Door v3.1 Silver Edition
LostDoor v4.0 Pro
Lost Door v4.2.2.rar
Lost Door v4.3.1.rar

Deeper Rat

Deeper 1.0 Beta 1[runtime error fixed]
Deeper 1.0 Beta 3
Deeper 1.0 Beta 4
Deeper 1.0 Beta 5
Deeper 1.0 Beta 8
Deeper 1.0 Beta 9
Deeper 1.0 Beta 10 - Fix1

Many Others

A32s (fifth) RAT
Agent HS-32idir RAT
Arabian-Attacker v1.2.2
Arabian-Attacker v1.4.0
Arctic R.A.T. 0.0.1 Alpha
Arctic R.A.T. 0.1
Bandook v1.35
Beast v2.07
Bifrost v1.2
Cerberus RAT 1.01 Beta
Cerberus RAT 1.03.4 Beta
CIA v1.3
Daleth RAT 1.0(ss rat src)
DarkMoon v4.11
DRAT 2009 V4.0 Build 1201
DRAT 2009 V4.2 Build 1216
Erebus v1.0.2 Private Cracked By Hacking Legends
Erebus v1.02 full
Golden Phoenix Rat 0.2
GraphicBooting RAT Beta v0.3
MiniMo v0.7a PublicBeta
miniRAT 0.6 Beta
Nuclear 2.1.0
Optix v1.33
Pocket RAT
Poison Ivy 2.3.2
ProRat_v1.9 SE
StreamRAT v2.0
Venomous Ivy
VorteX RAT
xHacker v3


Arabian-Attacker 1.2.2

Arabian-Attacker 1.4 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
DarkComet 2.0 Final RC6 [FIX]
xHacker v3

You can download these seperatly though in the lists above.


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