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Friday, May 27, 2011

Youtube Fisher: fast and reliable downloads of YouTube

We know that options to download YouTube there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, have Add-ons, online web applications, programs , etc. But at the moment of truth, we have noticed that many of them often fail or are limited in pure shock appearance within programs. It is in this sense that I present today a very good alternative that I used long ago and it has met my expectations, I never failed. I speak of YoutubeFisher , a free portable application for Windows, which fulfills its mission: quickly and easily download YouTube .

YoutubeFisher as I said does not require installation and from its first execution will notice the simplicity of design, yet powerful work. Enter the URL and choose whether to download the video or just audio, plain and simple. In the case of video download formats are available in FLV and MP4. Because this is that the downloads are fast, they are the formats that YouTube handles.

interesting is that you can download multiple videos at once, for this select "Download more ... " and will open another program window, ready to continue downloading. You can open as many windows you want, in this sense is very versatile, you'll see why I like it a lot and is my favorite.

YoutubeFisher has a slight size of 422 KB in 
file executable, available only in English (why so soon?) and is compatible with Windows 7/Vista/XP. Very good, surely offer more interesting options in future releases.

And you tell me how to download from YouTube? 

Official site 

Download YoutubeFisher (152 KB - Zip)

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