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Thursday, June 23, 2011

FREE Script Editor

Free Script Editor is a tool aimed at web developers. It will be an ideal choice for programmers working mainly with PHP and HTML, because it comprises all the necessary functions for working with these languages. It is a rational substitution for the standard Notepad. Free Script Editor lets you open text files of an unlimited size, occupies little space on the hard disk and it takes no time to run it.

The editor highlights the source code syntax of 30 programming languages, such as HTML, PHP, CSS, SQL, Perl, Shell and others. On opening a file, the program will select the necessary syntax highlighting depending on the file extension. There is a special editor incorporated into the program, which allows you to add syntax highlighting for virtually any programming language.
With Free Script Editor, files are instantly opened through the context menu by right-clicking the mouse, which will save a lot of time and make the work most efficient. The program’s possibility to be closed by a single click of the ESC button will also facilitate the work, especially when it is necessary to open many files.
The program lets PHP and HTML programmers quickly get help on PHP functions and operators, HTML tags and CSS elements: the integrated reference system will display a detailed context help article when you simply press F1 on a keyword.
When a PHP function is entered, a hint with the description of the parameters is displayed – that will keep you from consulting the documentation. To see the hint again, use the Ctrl + Shift + Space hot key combination. 

Free Script Editor Features

  • Color picker – it lets you get the color HTML code from any point of the screen and insert it into the editor. To do so, navigate the "pipette" onto the necessary point of the screen and click it.
  • Unlimited "Undo" and "Redo" function
  • Printing preserving syntax highlighting
  • The integrated TiDy library for HTML code formatting and validation, and converting the code into CSS, XML, and XHTML
  • Integration with Total Commander and WinScp – it will let you make Free Script Editor the default editor in these programs
  • The possibility of making Free Script Editor an HTML editor in IE
  • The possibility of setting Free Script Editor as View Source Editor for IE, Firefox and Opera
  • Export into RTF, HTML or the buffer preserving the syntax highlighting
  • Column highlighting mode (on pressing the Alt key)
  • Tab support – tabs will let you quickly navigate between code members. Up to 10 tabs are supported in every document.
  • Line numeration
  • Spacing of long lines
  • Change of code register
  • Integrated browser
  • Highlighting of links and e-mail addresses
  • Customizable fonts and colors of the elements
  • Syntax highlighting for HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, Perl, C/C++, Java, JavaScript, VBScript, etc.
  • Adjustable color scheme for syntax highlighting
  • Scheme editor (you can adjust the syntax highlighting for virtually any programming language or load additional highlight files, function libraries and automatic insertions from the official site)
  • Fully customizable hot key combinations
  • Automatic code choice when opening a file
  • Code converter
  • Text to HTML converter
  • Integrated documentation on PHP, HTML and CSS
  • Quick help on PHP, HTML and CSS accessible by pressing F1 key on a keyword in the editor
  • File Mappings – the possibility of launching scripts right in the editor window
  • Auto-complete of PHP functions (Ctrl + Space)
  • Hints for PHP functions (when you enter a function, the hint with parameters is displayed automatically)
  • Editable Code Templates (Ctrl+J) for every syntactic scheme
  • Low system resources consumption
  • Drag & Drop support of replacing and copying the text.

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