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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hack Facebook User Accounts & Passwords Using a Free FUD Keylogger

What is Keylogging?
Basically, Keylogging is the process of creating server keylogger and then sending this server.exe file to the victim. Once the keylogger server is installed on victim computer, all text and passwords typed on his computer are sent to you in your email inbox by this server created using keylogger. So, you get his typed passwords and thus can easily hack his email password.
Also, server keyloggers are detected by antiviruses. So, you need to have FUD (Fully UnDetectable) keylogger so that victim computer’s antivirus will not detect your sent server keylogger as virus and prevent it from being deleted. This keylogger is 100% FUD as of today’s report says.
Since this is FUD, if you wanna scan free keylogger file, scan this file  at and remember to check “Do not distribute the sample”. This is necessary to maintain FUD state of keylogger.
How to Hack Windows Live Messenger Account Password?
Azure AIO is an all-in-one pack that contains all hacking tools necessary to hack MSN, Windows Live password. This pack contains keylogger with all softwares needed to make in undetectable from antiviruses. The package contains:
  • Keylogger
  • FUD Crypter
  • Binder
  • Icon Changer
  • File Pumper
1. First of all download Azure AIO Pack here.
2. Now run Azure.exe application

3. Click on “Keylogger” to get Keylogger interface.

4. Enter your Gmail username and password. Select the time interval within which you wish to receive mail from victim computer and also the name of the keylogger server. Hit on Build and server will be saved in current directory.

5. This created server is 2/21- detected by Kaspersky and McAfee.
Hit on “Crypter” and get Crypter interface. Select this created keylogger server and crypt this server using Azure crypter. The crypted server is 100% FUD.

6. Now click on “Binder” to bind this server with any .exe application and send this binded file to victim.

7. As soon as victim runs binded file on his computer, our sent keylogger server is installed on his computer and you start receiving all his typed keystrokes and password in your inbox like this:
You can also select “Icon Changer” to change the icon of server.exe and “File Pumper” to change the size of the file.
I have tried this keylogger on Windows 7 and it worked great for me.
Now you can use this keylogger to hack not only Windows Live password, but any other e-mail or website account password.



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