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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Top 10 Ways to Extend Your Mobile Phone Battery Life

Learn How To Maximize Your Mobile Phone Battery Life
Today mobile phones are a necessity in one’s life. We talk much on phone and the battery of the phone gets used up. So we always find the means to save the battery of the phone so that we can talk as much as possible. Nothing is quite as annoying as having your mobile battery get drained while you’re trying to make an important phone call.

There are many applications and programs which consume the mobile battery at a faster rate. Our bad habits of avoiding switching off the mobiles phones when not in use especially at night consume more battery. The new phones with greater megapixels also consume a lot of battery power.
In this article i’m going to show you some steps to maximize your mobile battery life:
1. Turn off your mobile
Turning off mobile handsets is one of the most effective measures to save the battery power. You can turn off your mobile during the time you go to bed or when you attend a meeting. Turning off your mobile phone when no connectivity is available also plays a vital role in saving your battery power.
2. Switch off the vibrate function
Vibrate alert function in mobile phones consumes a lot of battery power. So switch off the vibrate alert function of your phone.
3. Turn off the connectivity means
Turning off connectivity means like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and infrared also save a major part of your battery power.
4. Avoid screen savers
To save battery power, avoid the use of screensavers on your mobile and use of simple wallpapers will be more beneficial.
5. Reduce the screen brightness
More the brightness of your phone more is the power consumed, so keep the brightness level of your phone to a minimum level. Also set the display time out as low as possible.
6. Terminate Applications
Termination of applications of your mobile phone when not in use also saves a lot of battery power.
7. Avoid heating
Keep your mobile phone cool. Keep it off from direct exposure to sun or any heating appliance. The preferable range at which the battery works fine is 10-35 Centigrade.
8. Avoid flash
Avoid flash light during photography also save a major portion of battery power. Flash light consume a lot of power, to turn off the flash in day.
9. Recharge your battery
It is good to recharge your phone properly and recharge the battery when three fourth of the battery has been used up.
10. Go for genuine parts
A lot of third-party manufacturers sell batteries that are compatible with today’s popular brands like Nokia, Sony Ericsson and the like. But be sure about the life of any battery by getting original parts.

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