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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ultimate Hack Tools Remixx

Ultimate Hack Tools Remixx

[stats for all = 11,887 Files, 1,586 Folders]
this is all thats in it
if i know who made it ill post the credits when i release it k?k

imma go on from when you open it

DFP 2.0 - Me =D
nathan72389's 50 VB projects - Nathan72389
New folder - contains the rest of shit

Binders ----

[stats for binders = 62 Files, 32 Folders]

A+ Binder source - Nathan72389
Albertino Binder - Albertino
Binder example - Nathan72389
BinderByNathan72389 - Nathan72389
Binders and crypters
sh!t binder
Simple Binder - Nathan72389
Rapid Binder v1.0 - Rapidguide
sailexm file binder - sailexm
ShellLabs icon changer - shellabs?
Shocklabs filebinder - Shocklabs
StRaXxXD Binder v1.0
Easy Binder - idk
Fjux Binder - Fjux

Crypters ---

649 Files, 101 Folders

Eye Crypter - Boards
Clean kaka crypter by s@me
Autobot Crypter v1.0 - Bumblebee
CodeDom Crypter Source - idk
Crx Crypter v1.1 - Spiderhacker
Crypter sources in vb6
Deck crypter - Deck
Evil Crypter HC - Modded by the 7th sage
flAming crypter - flAmingw0rm
Fringcrypter v2.0 - Fringe
GrenadeCrypter - idk
Hombre Crypter - idk
Kobac Crypter v1.3.2 - Kobac i think?
Sikandar's crypter v1.0 public - sikandar
Sikandar mini crypt v7 - sikandar
V-crypt - Vorfin
cybergate v1.07.5

Downloaders ---
24 Files, 11 Folders

Atomik downloader - xCocaine
ShareCash Downloader - Death
Skyweb Video downloader - watcher v1.0 - idk
uDownloader - idk

Ebooks ---
Kevin_Mitnick_-_ Art Of Deception.pdf - iTpHo3NiX

Fake Programs ---

50 Files, 17 Folders

WoW account hacker - TE4M SAVAGE
PSN CC generator - idk
PayPal Money Adder - idk
MSN pass cracker - Deadman
forum account hacker - idk
Facebook Pass Cracker - idk
MW2keygen - idk
Fake Prog Source - idk
AV keygen - idk
Facebook Cracker - OR4CL3
Host booter [not sure if this is fake]
Unstoppable program [use at your own risk!

Things off http://www.*************.com ;) [pm me if you wanna know where --------
940 Files, 168 Folders

DDoser 3.4 - idk
More fake progs [too many to list xD]
Pictures made by someone here
HC MSN chatlog stealer - The 7th Sage
the 7th sages hacking and security collection 2009
ardamax keylogger remover - idk
Brutus - idk
More fake prog xD - idk
host booters
Icon Changer final - FreezaH
AKC setup - idk
Blackout keylogger - idk
Broheim logger - broheim
FUD logger - idk
J-logger public - idk
Newbie logger 2.0 - idk
Vaqxination logger 2.3 - Vaqxine
Silent logger v1.6 - BUNNNNN
Msn live + IP get script - idk
reverse engeneering - idk
reshacker - idk
sfuzz - 0.1.tar - idk
Ultimate bluetooth hack tools - idk
White hat pack - idk
[sandboxie + more in here]
another reshacker [theres like 6 floating around xD]
ShareCash Downloader source - idk
Shockwaves batch to exe converter + shocklabs file binder again - Shockwave and Shocklabs
The 7th sages phoenix hack pack [alot in here but cba writing it xD]
Virus Factory by littlespy
XBL shell by krazi
anothe virus generator
Revzx's batch creator
S1F1 batch creator
youtube downloader setup
more keyloggers
BioHazard Keylogger v1.0[100%FUD][Made By Vipermakd]_001
Dscreet Keylogger v3 - Tasemu
Keylogger source collection by 1234hotmaster
The burning phoenix - The 7th sage
theres more but my finger hurt xD so we'll skip the rest =]
Misc stuff just like bombers pumpers iconchangers etc some good stuff tho ;D
[stats for misc stuff = 6,448 Files, 258 Folders]
Nono stuff - i might have to take some out [some are private for meh =D] but its got some good sources and stuff [stats = 617 Files, 147 Folders]
a random tut - 0 folders 1 file - a tut by theref edited by me to make a file pumper.
random weird shit - just what the title says xD [stats = 191 Files, 65 Folders]
sickfiles+the rest of my sources - title says it all again lol [stats = 621 Files, 150 Folders]
Omegle spreader = and omelge spreader - idk -
torrents - a few torrents reccomended by meh =D [stats = 7 Files, 0 Folders]
virus makers - dont be stupid and think "OOOOHZ WHATS DOEZ THESSSES BUTTONZ DO?...BOOM". your pc dies. [stats = 136 Files, 19 Folders]

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8

1 comment:

  1. part 2 and 4 are down bro please update them!



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