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Monday, July 11, 2011

Blackshades 4.2 Cracked

All right I've noticed ppl having trouble still with the crack.
Since that last thread has degenerated into incoherent jibber-jabber,

I am posting this here. The culmination of our (My) efforts.

Everyone use THIS as the latest known working version of the crack.

And yes, just in case the 4.2 is deleted from the official site ive decided to mirror it in here. This will contain everything needed to run. Try not to change anything unless you know what you are doing.

Things to remember:
1: Only keep the login server on if you want to generate a server. Once ur finished, feel free to turn it off.

2: Run the login server to be able to login. Type anything you want in that login box. Think of it as a server with no authentication. Its like we're ruining cloud computing here. But we should! If it were up to cloud computing none of us would have PERSONAL computers.

3:When making a server, for this implementation of the crack, SAVE your settings BEFORE you build. If you read the source code ull understand why.

4: Atm you cannot inject the server into other processes. You can only inject the server into itself. Like, say u have a crypter which uses injection. If it injects the server into its own memory image then its ok. If you try to inject into say svchost, it'll be blocked by DEP. Thank god I didnt lose any bots permanently due to that.

5: If you are using like DarkComet and want to migrate to blackshades like I have, and you are foolhardy enuf to have them running on the same ports, when your DarkComet gets few or no connections, it is bcuz the blackshades servers are effectively DoS'ing your DC client. (But its worth moving over. That filemanager is fuckin FAST! AND IT HAS TIMESTAMPS!!! AND REVERSE RELAY! But I digress.) Keep that in mind ad you migrate. The workaround obv uses windows firewall inbound filtering rules. I will not explain how to do that.

6: Keep the msvbvm60.dll file in there, otherwise itll revert back to being uncracked. And it may prompt you to update. In fact it will. 4.3 is released. Doesnt really have any new features that are useful, but since this one is cracked they thought theyd release a new version more secure just to keep their uncrackable RAT title. They can keep their title, and we can keep their RAT ^_^. I mean hey this 4.2 is kickass already. Who needs a steam stealer when you have keylogs eh? And this crack obviously will NEVER prompt for update.

It. Will. Work. FOREVER!!! ... until windows decides to stop supporting vb6 binaries, which is prolly not happening anytime soon. ( I mean it wont literally work yknow... forever... but.... u get the point)

Is that it? I think thats pretty much it. Remember you can run the login server source code in autoit SciTe if you dont rly trust the binary. Hell if you find a better server generation method, like oh i dunno maybe the right way to do it, like the official server does, feel free to patch it into the source!!!


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