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Monday, August 29, 2011

BackTrack 5 R1 Released

Backtrack-Linux released Backtrac 5 R1 Linux Distribution. This release contains over 120 bug fixes, 30 new tools and 70 tool updates.The kernel was updated to and includes the relevant injection patches.

BackTrack is intended for all audiences from the most savvy security professionals to early newcomers to the information security field. BackTrack promotes a quick and easy way to find and update the largest database of security tools collection to-date. Our community of users range from skilled penetration testers in the information security field, government entities, information technology, security enthusiasts, and individuals new to the security community. This release is their best one yet! Some pesky issues such as rfkill in VMWare with rtl8187 issues have been fixed, which provides for a much more solid experience with BackTrack.We’ve have Gnome and KDE ISO images for 32 and 64 bit (no arm this release), as well as a VMWare image of a 32 bit Gnome install, with VMWare Tools pre-installed.
We are mighty excited and are already downloading this release just as we speak.

DarkComet-RAT v4.0 Fix1 Released ( Fully Cryptable )

DarkComet-RAT v4.0 Change log
- DarkComet-RAT is now compiled on Delphi XE instead of Delphi 2010.
- Synthax highlighter added in remote keylogger.
- Multithreading is now more efficient, no more freezing, using a new powerfull and stable methode (still using pure Win32 API both side for it)
- Get hard drive information added in file manager
- Bot logs in main form had change, it is more efficient / fast and user friendly
- Whole system parser is now far stable and faster
- No-IP was moded and is now better ;)
- All global settings were redisigned in a new form that will contain all necessary stuff for Client side
- Flags manager has been ported to the main client settings form
- Now you can change the default size Width and Height of the users thumbnails
- No more menu in the top of the SIN (Main Window - Users list...) so it is more clear
- The [+] button is one of the way to add a new port to listen else go to Socket/Net button to manage em all
- More options added in main tray icon (right click to display them)
- Skin system added in DarkComet in settings > Client Layount (for people that like templates - Most XP users)
- A new system of mass data saving had been added, sqlite local database system added (comet.db store all mass data) << don't delete this file ! - A complex and stable group manager been added in the users list (very strong) syncrhonized with the local database. - Now all users are stored and updated in local database - Webcam is now far more stable using now DirectX (DirectShow lib dumped from Microsoft by M.Braun) - As most crypters got the runPE function, it was removed in DarkComet then it is more easy to crypted for newbies - Little bug fixed in remote desktop - Mass downloader in control center was improved, a big bug was fixed - Keylogger GUI had change a little - New toast design - edit server now recognize encrypted profiles than normal ones. - few bugs in file listing fixed in file manager - New keylogger system, now all logs are divided by date [Months-Year] > [Day name] > full date file. so now it is more easy to find what you want to find.
- All logs are synchronized with the local database, that means if the remote gui delete the logs no problems it will be there synchronized with the DB :)
- Online keylogger is now separate from the offline one.
- last arrival logs (latest ones) will be display with a text icon and and eye on it.
- new rootkit function added in edit server (server shield) it hide the file from explorer even if show hidden files is on it will be also hidden from DIR command of MSDOS
- same rootkit function for parent dir
- Multipassword capture added, when you selected more than 1 users in the list and choose quick function password it will dump all selected users password.
- Wallpaper changer in file manager works fine now with .bmp and .jpg files for sure (not tested GIF) but PNG seems to not work.
- More components are double buffered now, so less blinking stuff on mouse move.
- List ports / services icons are better now
- UpNP exe drops now in temporary file then it wont anoy you and now it works all the time
- Save settings are better synchronized now (ini read/write)
- Now geoflag in users list aren't using the darkcomet-rat site database but a local GeoIP database then it is far more fast and stable. (do not delete GeoIP.dat !!)
- New search user system, very very strong and complete u will love it :D
- DC_UUID is now more perfmant using the computer HWID (Harware ID) + Default drive Serial (Like for my other software Vertex)
- Auto start desktop capture added in settings
- Auto start webcam capture added in settings
- Auto start sound capture added in settings
- A new super sexy about made don't forget to take a look to it ;)
- Some notification added in file manager to know if actions was well done !
- new info added in computer info ( now the rat determine if remote computer id a laptop or desktop computer) if laptop it gives the battery charge status with icon :)
- Now you can preview any files in file manager by paquet of 1Ko then you don't need to download a 30Mo text file to see it :)
- A fantastic bookmark system for the file manager, like firefox when you click on the gray star it will turn to colors and add the current path to bookmarks and of course synchronized with local database...
- Stub use less memory now, garbage colector is better now
- [ADDED] Miranda MSN Messenger password stealer
- Download thumnail (file manager) bug fixed
- To avoid problems when you build many time a module to test edit server functions part by part when you build a module it will re generate a random mutex

DOWNLOAD FixComet v1.0

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Art Of Stealing


This can be anything. Exactly what you are doing to the customer service representatives online, manipulating them into believing your fraudalent claims. It works much the same for people in real life. You are just manipulating them in person, and it often works better (if you know your shit that is) and will generally pay better.

I posted about this on another thread recently. It's as simple as going into your local pawn shop (not PORN shop) and getting your moneys worth. You can take any crappy old painting you have and a forged art valuers notice. Value your painting at something believable, and payable in cash. It often helps if you look scruffy, or addicted to something. Act a little strung out when you're in there. Mood swings, lack of attention span, that kind of thing. If you want even mention you want the money for drugs. Be warned, shopkeepers generally try to rip off drug dealers. They know, no matter what, they will take the money for the drugs, even if its lower than expected. In this case, get angry, get verbally aggressive, do whatever YOU think you need to do to manipulate the shopkeeper.

You can often be a repeat customer to the same place, especially if there really is only one or two people working there. This become handy for your other stolen goods, but remember, once they think you are a druggie, they MAY suspect stealing. Some shops are dodgy enough to sell you drugs. This could be used as blackmail (hehehe Ninja).

I won't go in too deep on manipulation as it's not one of my personal favourites Evilgrin


The basic. Everyone has done it, and it usually does require some kind of 'talking-your-way-out' at some stage in your life. I used to do it all the time as a teenager, and sometimes if I'm feeling crafty I still do. Once you get away with it once or twice you will become more confident in yourself. I have probably stolen over 2 thousand dollars of clothes in my life, even more in electronics, a shit load of DVDs and food/snacks and there are a few things I have noticed while I was in the game.

Your phone is your best friend. I studied communication and psychology in university, so I know it is how people think, but I think it boils down to common sense. No one likes to be interrupted whilst on the phone. I'm one of those people who hasn't paid for my movie ticket in years. Have some popcorn in your hand, having an involved conversation on the phone and the bloke checking tickets won't even bother. Same as leaving a store. Be in a rush, and be on the phone, loud. 

Try not to act suspicious, as that's obviously what gives it away. Keep your breathing level, in through your mouth, out through your nose. Heartbeat low, and you will not sweat as much, as it is a dead giveaway. Your body language will show if you are an actually shopper or a shoplifter. Remember they deal with this all day, everyday as a job. They know. Have a friendly and interested attitude, act genuine and when leaving walk slowly, be natural and DON'T LOOK BACK AT THE STORE WORKERS!! Try to keep minimal contact with them.

For those annoying tags, it always helps to carry around a roofing razor blade (pliers are a plus) to slice off or break any plastic security tags or alarm beepers. The best place to do this is obviously the change-rooms (no cameras by law) or the garden section of a larger store, as they rarely have cameras there.

Don't try to steal something that you cannot easily conceal. If you are trying to steal a bigger item, try to depackage it first, it may help. Also keep in mind SOME places only have 60 - 70% of their cameras actually working, the others are just standalones. You can tell this by the difference in shape or size. The door beepers at some shops generally don't work all the time either, but it's not worth the risk.

You can also stage distractions with friends and leave out of a quieter exit. Just make sure if you stage a fight the store doesn't take it too seriously. This often helps with bigger steals. If you can have a small distraction you can usually de-package whatever you want, and eliminate risks of the alarms and just dack/conceal it or put it in another bag.


One of my favourite past times. You actually need to be able to bullshit quite a bit to get away with this. More often than not the mark will realise what you are up to and if you have bumped into them or brushed by and are quickly in the opposite direction they may suspect you. That's by its good to have a friend to palm off the wallet or phone on your way out. Pickpocketing is not easy to do, and you will need to practise, and find which method words best for you. Try to pick an area that is crowded, that way you can blend in. It also helps for getting away.

It's usually better to just go for walks around the city and keep your eyes open for general prospects. Have a coffee or a bite to eat if you have the spare time during lunch at work, and you will find the perfect people. Business people, most thinking they are all important and in a rush and usually always on the phone and usually pushing people out of their way, so they won't notice a push (also usually rich). While scoping out targets on my stroll I look for a few things that will make it easier. Shallow pockets are the best thing to happen to theives. These days wallets and phones are getting smaller in width and longer in length. Wallets and phones already a quarter to half the way out of the pocket. The best wallets ever invented are the ones with a leather strap and a button to keep in closed. Finger in the loop, slide it up, and bang.

The most common method is the bump, and it is my favourite, because I am a smaller build person, people will usually not take too much notice, but the point is still the same. Large bump or small bump - this is what the brain will register first, not the almost impossible feeling of their wallet sliding out or what not. Once you have picked your target - shallow pockets works great for this, and the bump takes everything away from the slide - move in and let your instinct take over. Teenagers are great because they are pushy, and won't be too upset by a slight bump, and they wear ridiculous clothes. How do they expect to feel their wallet being palmed in such baggy pants.

Once you get better, remember that razor I mentioned with shoplifting? It will come in handy when you are cutting pockets. You don't need to cut the whole pocket off, just a little so the tension on the pocket isn't so tight. Or, you can opt for the former and just slice the pocket and it will fall out (pray that they don't notice).

It helps to have friends who think just like you do. Have a friend talking to someone on the street, prefferably a tourist, because you can always strike up long and interesting (mostly bullshit) conversations with them. Once your dish (accomplice) has an arm around them in a friendly gesture, or is doing something of the like to distract them physically, go for gold. It's generally harder to pull off, but tourists do carry a lot of cash on them.

You can always do the old coin drop. Drop some coins (can be papers, books, anything really) and hope the mark being kind etc etc will help you out to pick them up. If the wallet is already sticking out, when hes bend down or whatever it will be further exposed. Hopefully he has light hands and boom its all yours.

Carry some whiteout, throw it on the back of your mark and make sure no one sees they have done it. Inform them a bird has just emptied its lower intestines onto their shoulder, and offer them tissues and start scrubbing. Note: Their wallet should be missing also.

If you are caught don't panic. Just DON'T DROP THE EVIDENCE in plain sight that is. If you are going to be caught, cut your losses and put it in a bin if you get the chance, or use sleight of hand and conceal it quickly, and deny deny deny. It's very handy to have a dish to hand your spoils off to. Hopefully he had the sense to bring a bag to put it all in. Or, the other alternative, if the area is not too crowded, run like hell.

Never keep the wallets, unless you have a safe or drawer that you can lock. Throw them away, take all the money, anything you think would be useful, this does extend to debit or credit cards, because some people are stupid enough to carry around bits of paper with their pins. If so, hit up and ATM (with a hat, sunglasses and phone to your ear, covering your face with your hand) and get that shit out!! Once done cut and throw away the card.

~Smash and Grabs

This stuff is dangerous, but it can pay off if you hit the right places. Don't be stupid and hit a shop in a shopping corso or mall. You will be seen and you will be caught. It helps to know the area you are hitting up, specifically parks that cut through blocks and backstreets that may be handy to you. Obviously do it late at night, when the darkness is your best friend. Do your best to fit into this darkness, and bring a backpack or two and your tools (everyone has a different idea of tools). 

Remember most places will have alarms, and if not people will hear you, and call the authorities anyway. So you need to have a general idea of what it is you want to grab from the place. You need to be in and out quickly, as well as giving yourself a headstart on the people that will be investigating. If there are windows that can be broken into that are away from places that people may see you, please read below on the quiet ways to smash windows section. It may help you out, and give you more time.

Don't waste too much time looping or backtracking on your way home. Try to stay under the cover of darkness and avoid streets you know may be busy, and stay away from main roads. It also helps to have a change of clothes. If you change into bright clothes, and you are caught. You will drop as a suspect almost immediately. If you are in all black (don't forget to take your balaclava off, please!) they will probably get your details and an alibi, and will place you on a suspects list. During one of my experiences, I changed into bright clothes and had a beer in my bag. When questioned I said I was simply going home from a party. The cop actually gave me a lift home. If only he knew...

~Armed Robberies

HELL NO. Cameras. People or workers who try to be a hero. Car troubles, or lack of a getaway. Police. It will go wrong. Avoid at all costs. You will make money but you will be identified. We don't want that. Anonymous we stand.

~Grand Theft Auto

This is also a topic I am sketchy on. I am not going to tell you how to hotwire a car. It took me a long time to get good at and will probably take you even longer. Simply find a spark plug and take the porcelain bit out of it. Throw it at a car window and it will shatter instantly. Now take that expensive GPS or whatever it is you wanted from the car and run. Be smart. You will get caught stealing cars, and as mentioned above we don't want to be caught. I heard jail is no fun.

~Domestic Burglary

Doing this has given me the biggest adrenaline rush ever, and it's exciting. I'm not going to go into what you will need, that will be covered shortly after. Just a few tips and pointers.

Surveillance is the key. Case the joint for a week or two so you know what's going on. When you know a time that no one will be in the house, you have the time you are going to go for it. Daytime can be harder but it is not impossible at all. Beware of the weird family member who you may never see, and may run into jerking off over something whilst you are trying to steal. Never ever do it whilst you know someone is in the house. Burglary is stealthy, completely different to robberies. Are the pets involved? Make sure you're carrying appropriate pet treats to keep them preoccupied. Make sure you know when people will be out and how long for, but remember nothing can be certain.

Remember not to get too over confident after having broken into one or two and gotten away with it. Know when to quit. Never hit up the same neighbourhood and if you hit up the same house you're just a complete fuckwit. Get in, get the goods, get out. The basis of almost every crime. You don't want to spend more time at the crime scene than you have to. What works one time may not ever work again. Don't use the same tatics all the time. Don't leave any evidence. You may think DNA is not important, but if you are doing this in the long run and you get matches, you are screwed if they find out that it is yours.

Don't make too much noise. I'm sure if the neighbours hear a door being beat down, or something being broken open, they are going to think something is going on, and if they do, chances are they will see you when you leave the house. This is bad. Dogs are bad, take care of the dog (not by killing it) as quickly as possible. Feed him some treats, throw him outside while eating or just choke him out. He'll come around eventually and enjoy the treats.

If you can get a bump key you will be able to open most common household security locks without a problem. I'm not going to ramble on about how to make them as I have already rambled enough (PM me for info). If you are skilled enough try lockpicking, I've never been any good at it and never have been able to improve. It helps to have locksmith friends who enjoy bribes. I wont go into smashing windows because thats a different story and will also be covered below.

As for all crimes it helps to be under the cover of darkness, and in black clothing. For this kind of burglary you will prefferably be wearing thicker clothing in case you are attacked by the dog and you don't want to have holes in your arms or legs. Worst case scenario, feed him your arm and scissor his body into your legs and choke him out (or kill you it you cruel bastard). It also makes you less noticeable on the way in and out, and if you dont clear a window completely you will atleast have a thickness of clothing between you and the glass.

~Basic kits

I've always been one to go simple, but there are alot of people who take very large kits out with them. I find that if you substitute one or two items you save yourself alot of space. You will not need all of these, but most of them will come in handly. I will underline the ones that you should ALWAYS have on you and the rest are optional. If you are going for bigger than they should always be included.
  • Black backpack, should be large but not too big that it is in the way, for small tools (hammer, screwdriver, pliers etc), maybe a change of shirt, and for small things like cash, jewelry, phones or other things you might decide you like.
  • Flat sheet and some glue (ultra fast drying), or peanut butter. (Will be explain in next section)
  • Dark thick clothing as mentioned above, can't go without. This should include some kind of gloves. A ski mask or balaclava if you are really paranoid. If you have longer hair, a hairtie or hair net to keep it out of the way and no hair on ground.
  • Pet treats if you know you will need them
  • Knives, preferably a few of them if you can manage. Wear a belt if you need to. That roof razor that I mentioned should always be on you. A good quality and large swiss army knife if always helpful. Blades good for doors and windows, and for safety.
  • A small gun if you think you will need it. Silencer or low caliber gun that isn't too loud is very helpful. Remember noise is not good.
  • A heavier tool like a crow bar, or just a bar in general. To help with the windows, or for self defense. In my opinion just gets in the way, save it for the movies.
  • A watch, don't take too bloody long.

Don't think I've missed anything too important. It's really just common sense when you think about it. Try not to steal anything too large in size, it will just weigh you down. Make your getaway extremely slow.

~Breaking windows quietly

The sound of breaking glass is a dead giveaway. It's probably the first thing neighbours will think if they hear that sound in the middle of the night. Especially if they know that the family is away on holidays or something. That gives you about 2 minutes before authorities arrive. I've heard some pretty insane ways to do it quietly, and you'll find not many of them work. Here are a few I have tried and can recommend. Not all of them are completely soundless, but they are good enough.

For the first method, you will need duct tape, and gloves, and if you dont want to use your hands a hammer. Simply put the tape around the second of the window that you want to smash. If you put it on right then just hit the taped area of the window, and some of it should break without too much noise or mess. Peel back the tape and the broken glass should come with it.

Secondly, get a piece of steel wire, preferably one close to the size of a drill. Now file it down to the right shape and put it into the drill. Heat up the steel with a jet lighter or other flame until it is a dull reddish colour, and dip it into metallic mercury (think manometers or thermometers) and it will drill through the glass quite easily. Do not make the steel drill bit too sharp, as if it is more on the blunt side you will get better holes and less breakage. The drill will be noisy, but if not done at the dead of night it will not be very suspicious.

If you can get your hands on a BB gun, simply shoot one at the window above the lock and bring a small file. Move the file in a circular motion until you can get a few fingers in to flip the lock. It should only take a couple of minutes and you will not get much noise.

If you are going into an older house, they don't have the glass of the window directly into the frame, they have that rubber or wooden stuff holding it on. If you can break that, then you can just push or pull the window out completely. But this may make a little noise unless you can get a suction cap (any size) to pull it out towards you and catch it.

Once again taking the porcelain ball out of a spark plug will pretty much shatter the whole window. This one will be loud, but if the glass is breaking onto a soft surface (bushes etc) it can cut out alot of the noise.

If you take a crowbar you may be able to jimmy the window open, but often newer houses you cannot do this. If you try hard enough you can often break the lock and get the window open without any noise, but you have to stress the lock and can take 10 minutes or so.

My favourite is having a flat sheet, and putting quicky drying glue all over the window, sticking the sheet to the window and smashing it with something big, or my elbow etc. All the glass sticks to the sheet and the noise in minimal. RECENTLY a friend suggest I do this with the thick peanut butter, as it takes no time to dry and will hold the board up. I thought this was absurd. IT WORKED. PEANUT BUTTER WORKED, and it is a lot cheaper than lots of super glue.

Thats just about covered most of what I'm good at. If you think I've missed anything just let me know and I can fix it up. Flame away if you think this is wrong, but it belongs in here just as much as your free pizza does.

PM me if you want to abuse me more privately, or would like to talk tactics. If you have any stories to swap please post here because I love war stories.

Hacking Tool Pack

Here is a Big Hacking Tool Pack that I put together. 

Here is what is in the pack:

Mac Address Changer
Phish Creater V2
ResHacker 3.4.0
Rat/Trojan Programs
Undetecters (Crytpers, Scramblers, Packers)
Internet Worm Maker Thing V4
Fake Webpages (Phishing Pages)
Curser Pack
Skin Pack
Necro Virus Maker
Keylogging Programs
Virus' (Dangerous,Use with Caution)
VBS Worms (Saved as TXT File)
Battle Pong (DOS)
Yahoo Booters
E-Book Pack
Important Installers (Utorrent, WinRar, .net Framwork)
Bytes Adder
CGIS4 (Scanner)
Click V2.2 (DOS)
Batch File Virus Creator
Cryptosy V2.6 (Crypter)
Good Bye V3.0 (Powerful DOS Tool)
Malicous Webpage Maker
VBSWG (Visual Basic Script Worm Generator)
Daemon Crypt V2 Public
EES Binder
Elite Keylogger 1.0
Fake Tool Generator
Freeze (HOtmail Freezer)
FTP Brute Hacker
MSN Bomberman V3.1.2
MSN Detecter V2.0
RocketV1.0 (DOS)
MSN Auto Responder
Ultimate Nickpopupz 2004 V.04
AOL Kicker V.1.0.0

More Tools
Valkyrie Injector
Myspace Locker
Beavers SMS Bomber
Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner




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