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Saturday, September 17, 2011


Hello everyone, this tutorial is about how to jailbreak any apple device. If you are not sure what this does for you, you might want to keep reading, due to the fact that this is a very useful technique to make the most out of your apple device. From now on, I am going to say iPod, because it is easier to mention one object that having to mention a lot. Jail breaking an iPod gives you a lot of features, like free apps, free music, a YouTube downloader, awesome themes for your iPod, and much more! Anyway, a lot of people say it is illegal. It isn’t, but if you do jailbreak, Apple will not help you if your iPod gets messed up. But a trick to this is to restore, and then get their help.


Well, now that you have seen that, I’m pretty sure you want to jailbreak your iPod. If you don’t, well it’s only your funeral. So first we go to the Green Poison website. You can use many other programs for many different sites, but this one is the most simple, and I have tried this one out, and it has noviruses. Here is the link:

Step 1:

So now, you are at the green poison site, and everything looks simple, and the logo looks cool. Now you have to choose you operating system, you have a choice out of Windows, Mac, and Linux. If you do not have any of these operating systems, contact Chronic Dev team, or get a new operating system.

Step 2:

Download the operating system link. Once again, you do not have to worry about viruses, I have checked. Now once you have downloaded this, open it. It should come as a zip file, so you will have to extract the file.

Step 3:

So now that you have the extracted file in a folder, open it up, and start up Green Poison, and wait. When green poison starts, it will show a command prompt box. Do not get freaked out, it will go away in a few moments. So, when it actually starts running, it will ask you if you are jail breaking an Apple TV. Press yes if you are, and no if you aren’t. If you are jail breaking an Apple TV, please go to Step 7.

Step 4: 

Now, assuming you are not jail breaking an Apple TV, continue. It will ask you politely with a please to turn off your device. Well, since they asked nicely, and also because it wouldn’t work without switching off, turn it off. After that, press the button that says ‘Prepare to Jailbreak (DFU)’.

Step 5:

Now it will give you whole bunch of instructions. Well, it is only four, but it can seem overwhelming at first, just because you only have three seconds to start.
Here are the instructions:
Get ready to start (3 sec)
Press and hold the sleep button (2 sec)
Continue holding sleep; press and hold home (10 sec)
Release sleep button; continue holding home (15 sec)
After that it will either say ‘Try again’ or the DFU bar will load.

Step 6:

Now there will be a button that says Jailbreak, wait for it and it will load, and then your device’s apple icon will turn all cool and awesome with the green poison icon.

Step 7:

Well, if you are jail breaking your Apple TV, read the notice that asks if you are jailbreaking an Apple TV, it says you need to wait approximate 40 seconds after complete to finish. Just follow the same steps as the ones for other devices, only with different instructions.


Well, you are now finished jail breaking your Apple Device! Enjoy! I will soon be posting up all the different Cydia apps there are on a different article, but on a review.

I hope this tutorial was useful,

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