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Friday, January 13, 2012

How To Backtrack 5 ARM running on Android using Debdroid (Works on ALL rooted devices)

The flashable zip contains the shell scripts, conf and apk. If you are unable to flash, mount /system as rw and place the the files manually. 


debshell - wrapper for passing commands to the chroot.
debshell "apt-get update" 
debkill - kills the chroot in case anything goes wrong 
debdroid - starts the debdroid chroot without the apk wrapper. 

/etc/debdroid.conf contains options such as img location, dns servers, loop number and shared directory. 
Note: The shared directory is mounted to /mnt/share in the chroot environment. 

com.afrosec.debdroid.apk - apk wrapper that essentially launches "bash debshell" 

Known Bugs: Exit deployment does not work, you must kill the application by holding the back button or hitting exit deployment until it allows you to FC 

Debdroid comes preinstalled with nmap, ettercap, ssh, g++ and gcc. 
With a chroot environment you are able to install software with the native package manager and completely avoid cross-compiling. 
You are able to drop to a bash shell in the chroot by executing "debshell bash" 

Most linux packages will work out of the box. 
In order to get ssh up execute "debshell sshup" 

In the previous release of Debdroid I showed its capabilities of WLAN sniffing using your device, this is still an applicable use - expect an updated tutorial to follow. 

Script Manager Compatibility: 
Because debshell can pass commands directly to the chroot sub-system you can use a script manager app to launch commands as well. 

Debdroid provides the user with a full Linux environment you can ssh into. This may cater to the needs of the of the individuals who need to perform device-related linux tasks without an actual linux workstation. 

XFCE4 over VNC 
Debdroid APK 
Starting up Debdroid chroot 
Performing NMAP scan 
Passing apt-get update to the chroot sub-system 
Running vnstat -l 

Backtrack 5 Penetration testing from your pocket.

Backtrack 5 released with an ARM image compatible with the Motorola Xoom. 
FAT32 has a file size limit of 4gb, bt5's img size was over 5gb, therefore unable to work with any other Android device booting the chroot of off an external SD-Card. The attached img files are downsized to 3.25GB. 

NMAP internal networks from WIFI AP without a laptop. 
All the functionality of Backtrack 5 in your pocket.. scan any network your device can connect to. 

How to: 
Flash the debdroid installer zip 
Download either the custom .img or the original .img 
Create a folder called debian on your sdcard. 
Mount / as r-w via an app with this function or "mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system" (where mtdblock3 is the system block) 
Open up /etc/debdroid.conf with your favorite text editor 
Find the line "img="/mnt/sdcard/debian/debian.img" and change to "img="/mnt/sdcard/debian/btandr35.img", save. 
Start up the APK, Deploy, pentest from your pocket. 

My custom .img changes: 
Replaced gnome with xfce4 and fixed startvnc



Flashable zip - DOWNLOAD

Note: You may have to turn off signature verification to get this to flash. 

Distro Images: (If you have created a distro image that works with Debdroid, send a link) 
These custom images are resized to 3.25gb to fit on all FAT32 sdcards. 4GB is the file size limit.

Backtrack 5 ARM 3.5gb img Original - DOWNLOAD 
Backtrack 5 ARM 3.5gb img Custom - DOWNLOAD

Note: Rename all .img to debian.img unless you specify otherwise in your conf. 

Debian Squeeze 1gb img - DOWNLOAD 
Debian Squeeze 2gb img - DOWNLOAD 
Debian Squeeze 3gb img - DOWNLOAD 
Debian Squeeze 4gb img - DOWNLOAD 
Debian Squeeze 5gb img - DOWNLOAD
Debian Lenny 750mb img - DOWNLOAD

Expect to see updates for this project. 
Download and submit other tools with Gitbrew's Content Database
Backtrack 5 ARM running on HTC Incredible video 

Debdroid supports Backtrack 5 ARM edition - Custom .img now available.

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