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Thursday, June 7, 2012

UPDATE: Wifislax 4.1 Security and Forensics Tools Live CD

upgraded to 1.1.1 libtheora
reconfigured to record my desktop 1.1.1 libtheora
added jack-audio-connection-kit-0.121.3- i486-1SL kpackage-3.5.9-added-2
fix autostart-date knemo in aircrack-ng suite to revision r2150
added support wps wifite 2 beta 9
- 06.04.2012 —

kernel-updated to version 3.3.1
updated to version 1.6.6 wireshark
- 04/14/2012 -

updated kernel to version 3.3.2
updated to version 1.6.7 wireshark
flashplayer updated to version 11.2-R202
iw to version 3.4 update
added aircrack-ng-auto-updater
— 17/04/2012 —

brcm-added firmware for broadcom
ati hdmi blacklisteado [sound server problems] && config
added fsam7440 execution fsam7440 a self
ntfs-3g updated to version 2012, this solves problems with gparted
added gpgme-1.3.0-i486-1
added-2.4.1-i486 KeyTouch-3dav [Special features of keyboards] gnupg-4.1.11-added-i486-1 gnome-menus-added-2.30.2-i486 -1gsb
added openldap-client-4.2.23-i486-1 cairo-updated to version 1.10.2-i486-cairo-2
including slapt-get Gslapt + [auto installs and creates XZM of slackware repos] [geminis_demon] symbolic-eliminated in / usr / lib / qt and qt-library linqueada 3.3.8b to / usr / lib
category including updaters
added auto update script for aircrack-ng suite, added last firefox update script available in Spanish
added script latest firefox update available with language selection, added script to save configuration of firefox
added to main menu option to boot into English (all starts in English)
- 04.20.2012 —

Added – >> libffi
added symlink – >> ncurses
retouched fsam7440 boot
manager packages updated to beta 3 wifislax
added 13.37 slackware package list to slapt-get (4/20/2012)
updated to version wicd
removed log, qt3 package, to avoid problems with qt4
This version contains many bug fixes and a Release Candidate version of WIFISLAX x64 . To name a few – problems with Broadcom drivers have been fixed, aircrack-ng & Firefox automation scripts have been added and contains a package manager.

Download Wifislax 4.1

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