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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Plus

Have you heard about WhatsApp Plus? WhatsApp is different from the original version. WhatsApp Plus was developed by a Spanish app developer Rafalet in 2012. It is also known WhatsApp Plus or WhatsApp + and has blue icon instead of green icon. In addition, the modified version seems to have added features that even make it better than the original version.
So, WhatsApp Plus is modified version of the original WhatsApp, it is legal and a very popular mobile app that has added features making it even better than the original version.


Functionality is the same, just like the original version, WhatsApp plus allows you to send text messages, video, audio files and pictures via internet free of charge. As long the receiver is connected to the internet, they will receive messages and files immediately.

File Sizes

When uploading files, users have an option to change the size as well as the quality of multimedia files. This is a very useful feature that allows users to configure the amount of data they spend when sending files. You will not find this feature in the original version.

Visual theme

WhatsApp plus provides more than 700 visual features and users have the freedom to choose the one they deem fit. When the theme is applied, users are able to revamp the entire look of the app. With more than 700 options to pick from, users are likely to find something that perfectly suits their personal needs. You will not find this feature in the original version. If you love colors and themes, WhatsApp plus is the app for you.

More Emoticons

Although the original version has many emoticons, WhatsApp Plus has more and better emoticons. You will find wide range of emoticons including ones that you get in Google Hangouts. Users are able to express better and more freely than when using the original version.

Hide the Last Seen Feature

There was a time when the Last Seen Feature was an exclusive feature offered by WhatsApp Plus. The features allow users to hide their online status, but user paid. Recently, the original version, WhatsApp, added the feature at no cost which was a major blow to the WhatsApp Plus. But now both users can hide their last seen status free of charge.

WhatsApp or WhatsApp plus, which is better?

Basically, the functionality seems to be the same. No much difference although the revised version seems to offer pretty much. The major problem with the revised version is that you should uninstall the original version. Most users find problem in using WhatsApp Plus. Following the purchase of WhatsApp by Facebook, users may see big changes in the use of application. But since it has been officially communicated that WhatsApp will not be used for ads, users should not expect much changes.

Nevertheless, WhatsApp plus is ideal for those who are looking for more design, interface and colors to play with. With WhatsApp Plus, you will do more including formatting the size and quality of your file before sending.

NOTE: But There is no harm in trying both apps.

Download WhatsApp

Download WhatsApp Plus Official Site

Download WhatsApp + v6.72C (Patched)



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